Wildlife Rescue Australia
24-hour Call Centre


To report an injured, sick or orphaned animal, ring :

1300 596 457

About Wildlife Rescue Australia

★ Wildlife Rescue Australia (WRA) is an Australia-wide, specialist volunteer organisation dedicated to the rescue of native animals.

★ WRI operates an emergency 24-hour Call Centre staffed by home-based coordinators (PCs) trained to assist in all aspects of animal rescues.

★ More information about WRI can be found in About Wildlife Rescue Inc or the WRI Constitution.

★ It is WRA policy to “Live and Let Live”. Wherever possible, WRA works with individuals and organisations having the same policy.


     • Always be careful when approaching a native animal, particularly if injured.

     • Keep well away from any animal that may be venomous or dangerous, particularly snakes, goannas, flying foxes or other kinds of bat.

     • Members of the public assisting WRI with a rescue are covered by Wildlife Rescue’s Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance policy.


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