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Registration as Carer

1. If an orphaned or injured native animal requires to be cared for, WRI phone coordinators can arrange for the animal to be taken to a competent carer.

   2. Persons wishing to register with WRI as a native animal carer are required to hold an authorisation from the appropriate State authority or a licenced group.

  3. A registered carer’s name and contact details are kept confidential, accessible only by Call Centre staff and administrators.

   4. There is no fee for registering as a carer, nor is it necessary to join WRI.

   5. A registered carer may be contacted regarding potential rescuers in the area.

   1. Persons applying to register as a carer with Wildlife Rescue Inc must:
          • be 18 years of age or over;
           hold an appropriate licence or  authorisation (if required by law);
          • specify the native animal(s) for which they are qualified to care;
          • have no criminal convictions, particularly relating to cruelty to animals; and

          • not be involved in any commercial activity which conflicts with WRI’s aims or objectives.

   2. Further details relating to governance of the association are available in the WRI Constitution and WRI By-Laws documents

Click here to register as a carer with Wildlife Rescue Inc

If appropriate, applications to register as a licenced carer are forwarded to the relevant licenced group for confirmation

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