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Registration of Group

Wildlife Rescue Inc (WRI) provides support for licenced/registered native animal groups in all states and territories of Australia.

Under the registered business name “Wildlife Rescue Australia”, WRI has established a state-of-the-art communication system which is freely available for use by all such groups.

By registering with WRI, licenced/registered groups may avail themselves of this support in a number of ways:

Option 1

About half the calls received by a group’s hotline can be resolved without involving a third-party rescuer. For example, if there is no risk of injury to animal or human, an uninjured animal (e.g. echidna or snake) may best be left alone.

Or it may be possible for the caller to reunite an orphaned animal with its parent(s). Or the caller may be advised on how to handle a situation, such as possums in the roof.

By “filtering off” such calls, WRI phone coordinators (PCs) can reduce the load on a group’s phone number. Calls can be directed from the WRI Call Centre to the group only when necessary or when specified by the group.

If there is any likelihood of injury, it is WRI policy that an animal be taken to a suitably-qualified vet or licenced carer. In many cases, the caller is willing to do this.

To take advantage of this support, a group need only provide WRI with the postcodes of the area serviced by the group. Where necessary, calls to WRI from that area may be directed to the licenced group.

By also providing the names of vet practices (sympathetic to native animals) in the group’s area, this information can be passed on to callers (or others) wishing to take an animal to a vet.

A licenced group registering with WRI may elect to have its logo displayed on the WRI website and linked to either its website or Facebook page.

To register with Wildlife Rescue Inc, please complete this form.

Option 2

A licenced group may also recommend/suggest/allow its members (if they so choose) to register individually as carers on the WRI website.

This would enable WRI PCs to contact carers directly, further reducing the number of calls to the group’s number and minimising the time to rescue an animal.

Any requirement specified by a member (e.g. availability, type of animal etc) is accepted and acted upon. It is WRI policy not to divulge the name or contact details of any registered carer.

Any person registering as a carer must provide the name of the licenced group of which he/she is a member (or an individual licence number) and the animals he/she is qualified to handle. Such details are verified with the group before the registration is accepted.

Should a carer accept a rescue call from WRI, a copy of the call record is sent immediately via email to a group member nominated as Liaison Officer. Such records contain the caller’s name, phone number and address, date and time of the call, details of the animal involved and the name of the carer who accepted the call.

Option 3

Finally, a licenced group may elect to divert its emergency hotline to the WRI Call Centre on 1300 596 457, on either a part-time or full-time basis.

This service is provided by WRI at no financial cost, although assistance with PCs may be required, depending on the number of calls received per year.

This option has obvious advantages to groups having difficulty in providing a 24-hour service in their area.

Any group wishing to discuss this option or any other matter should contact WRI.


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