Wildlife Rescue Australia
24-hour Call Centre

Rescuer/Carer Registrations

   1. Wildlife Rescue Inc (WRI) provides support for all persons actively engaged in the rescue and care of native Australian animals. Under the registered business name “Wildlife Rescue Australia”, WRI operates a 24-hour Australia-wide call centre to facilitate the rescue of injured, sick and orphaned fauna.

   2. Interested individuals may indicate their willingness to assist in this activity by registering with WRI as either a rescuer or licenced carer.

   3. WRI does not hold a licence to rehabilitate protected native fauna. Persons registering as carers must either hold an individual licence or belong to a licenced group.

   4. Rescuers may be called upon to:
          • transport an animal to a licenced carer or vet clinic;
          • relocate an animal to a suitable area; or

          • assist a licenced carer in a rescue
depending on circumstances.

   5. Rescuers and carers are only asked to rescue a native animal (particularly a snake/goanna, bat/flying fox or other potentially dangerous animal) if appropriately qualified and/or experienced and the person is willing to accept the rescue call.

   6. Any person engaged in a rescue on behalf of Wildlife Rescue Inc, member or otherwise, is covered by WRI’s Personal Accident insurance policy (see here for details).

   7. A registrant’s name and contact details are kept confidential, accessible only by Call Centre staff and administrators, unless otherwise authorised.

   8. There is no fee for registering as a rescuer or carer, nor is it necessary to join WRI.

   9. Wildlife Rescue Inc is independent of any licenced organisation or Government body. Persons wishing to become involved in caring for native animals should contact the appropriate State authority.

   1. Persons applying to register with Wildlife Rescue Inc must:
          • be 18 years of age or over;
          • have no criminal convictions, particularly relating to cruelty to animals; and
          • not be involved in any commercial activity which conflicts with WRI’s aims or objectives.

   2. Persons registering as a carer must hold a current individual licence or belong to a licenced group.

   3. Persons registering as a shooter must hold a shooters licence from the appropriate authority.

   4. Persons wishing to engage in the rescue of venomous or dangerous reptiles must be suitably trained.

   5. Persons wishing to engage in the rescue of bats (including flying foxes) must be vaccinated against lyssavirus.

   6. Further details relating to governance of the association are available in the WRI Constitution and WRI By-Laws documents.

Click here if you wish to register as a  licenced carer or rescuer

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