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Phone Coordinator Application

WRA phone coordinators (PCs) are the backbone of the association. The effectiveness of Wildlife Rescue Australia in helping to save native animals – and the reputation of the organisation – depends heavily on the ability of PCs to answer calls promptly and to process them efficiently and appropriately.

A high standard of performance is therefore required of PCs.

1. Persons wishing to become a phone coordinator must first become a member of Wildlife Rescue Inc.

2. Applicants should have (as a minimum):
          • a working knowledge of native animal welfare;
          • the maturity to handle calls from the public;
          • good organisational skills;
          • an adequate computer/internet and phone system; and
          • good computer skills.

3. To assess whether a computer system is adequate, a prospective PC should conduct a series of SpeedOf.Me tests on his/her computer before submitting this application. Download speeds frequently below 8 Mbps are unlikely to be satisfactory.

4. It is WRI policy that the name or contact details of a member, rescuer or carer should not be divulged without that person’s permission. Because PCs have access to such information, they are required to complete and sign a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement.

5. PCs are not required to pay any out-of-pocket expenses; all costs are borne by the Association.

Newly-inducted PCs undergo a 3-month training course in WRI phone procedures and the use of the in-house computer software.

Training is currently being conducted on a one-to-one basis, either online and/or at the member’s home.

All software used by phone coordinators is provided by WRI, free of charge.

A personal demonstration of this software, prior to applying for membership, may be arranged by contacting WRI using the Contact form on this website.

To check whether your computer system is suitable for use as a phone coordinator, please click here. 

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