Wildlife Rescue Australia
24-hour Call Centre


Wildlife Rescue Australia seeks enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers.

The WRA Call Centre is currently receiving about 5,000 calls per annum. Of these, over 95% are answered within 30 secs.

To cater for the anticipated future increase in the number of calls, and to maintain this standard of service, volunteers are required for the folowing positions:

    • Phone Coordinators
    • Roster Manager

Duties and responsibilities for each position are specified below.

Applicants for any of these positions must:
          • be 18 years of age or over;
          • have no criminal convictions, particularly relating to cruelty to animals;
          • not be involved in any commercial activity which conflicts with WRI’s aims or objectives;
          • have their own phone (mobile &/or home) and computer with a reliable internet connection;
          • have adequate computer skills for the position concerned; and
          • be able to communicate reliably and effectively via email and phone.

Comprehensive training is available for all positions.

Successful applicants will be required to join Wildlife Rescue Australia (membership is free). All members are initially placed on probation.

Where appropriate, members are required to sign a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement.

To apply for any of these positions, please complete this form


Phone Coordinators (PCs) are required to:
       • answer and log incoming calls to the WRA Call Centre;
       • make outgoing calls to facilitate the rescue of native animals, if required;
                    • provide appropriate advice to callers relating to the interim care of native animals;
                    • assist callers, wherever possible, on matters involving non-native animals;
                    • work as a team with other PCs, assisting each other in resolving calls.

Persons wishing to become a PC should have:
          • a good command of the English language;
          • the maturity to handle calls from the public; and
          • good organisational skills.

Applicants must:
          • be reliable and dependable;
          • have an internet connection with a download speed above 10 Mbps; and
          • be willing to learn new computer skills.

Successful applicants will be required to undergo a training course covering:
          • phone answering techniques;
          • logging and processing calls;
          • using the MapMaker software; and
          • handling calls for different types of animals and situations.

Successful applicants will be required to:
          • be available for at least 2×4 hours phone duty per week (negotiable);
          • assist other PCs in maintaining call records; and
          • work with the Database Manager to ensure the WRA Database is up-to-date.


The Roster Manager is responsible for:
       • managing the WRA Call Centre roster; and
       • maintaining an adequate number of PCs on-duty.

An applicant must be:
          • familiar with general computer operations; and
          • willing to learn new computer skills

The successful applicant will be required to:
          • undergo a training period with the MapMaker software;
          • correspond with PCs to ensure an adequate number are on duty at any given time;
          • be readily available to resolve needed changes to the roster at short notice; and
          • assist in enlisting additional PCs.


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